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Why Tech Academy?

Real-world experience

Trainers and instructors are real-world experts who have solid years of experience in the I.T industry. 

You’ll learn in-demand and practical I.T skills that are exactly being use today.


Learn anytime, anywhere.

You don’t need to commute and get hassled by the traffic. You don’t even need to leave your home to learn.

All trainings are online and on-demand. Learn anytime and anywhere you want!

Made by Pinoy. For fellow Pinoy.

You’ll learn from a fellow Filipino I.T experts who really knows how to connect and communicate with you. 

All lessons are discussed in taglish so you can learn in a ‘breeze’.

made by filipino


Get our FREE CCNA Guide to help you get started in your CCNA journey.


Each course has its own enrollment fee. You can check them by viewing the course that interests you.

Yes! Our goal is to help aspiring Filipino I.T like you so you can build a strong foundation in your I.T career. Visit our course page to see all the free courses.

Yes, absolutely.

Once you finished a course, you’ll be able to download an official training certificate from Tech Academy for that specific course.

At the moment, all courses are stream and on-demand only.

We’re working to offer the ‘offline mode’ so you can watch courses offline in the near future.

Yes. Tech Academy is a registered business under Ramlink I.T Consultancy. Just request the OR when needed.

You can email the support team at support@techacademy.ph

We will also launch a live chat support in the near future for faster assistance.